& Nodes

In addition to more manual ways of creating things I also enjoy doing so with code. Be it scripting, C/C++ or through the usage of node systems. While I wouldn't consider myself a "real" programmer, I get around quite well and actually enjoy the underlying thinking of programming and find it rather meditative....

I started out long ago doing some shell scripting on my Amiga 500 and writing "drivers" for my needle printer, later I worked on a big multimedia project all done in Visual Basic which I taught myself in the process, then I wrote "C.O.F.F.E.E."" shaders for Cinema 4D 5+ and later I learned C to write procedural shaders for project:messiahs renderer (an early version of "Arnold"). Later I ported those to Mental Ray and the "real" Arnold for XSI and even testwise to Modo and Lightwave 3D.

For the node based audio software Usine, I wrote nodes for generative modulation in C++, based on principles I knew from the 3D-shaders.

For u-he, I designed and scripted the GUI of the Uhbik-Rack-Extensions for Reason.

In another vein, I always loved to work with node systems as a way to code graphically. From messiah:studios shader tree to Mental Ray in Softimage XSI and it's excellent ICE node environment for deformation and particles, to Lightwaves great material-, deformation- and animation nodes to Grasshopper for Rhino for procedural generation of objects and structures and even simulation and last not least Native Instruments Reaktor for audio and midi processing.
Recently, SideFX Houdini has replaced most other 3D software for me, with it's excellent mix of nodes and code.

This website is also created in a text editor mostly, so I guess that counts as "code" too :-)

For me, these are just more "languages" to create or enable art.

And: There is poetry in code too :-)


Code Animation designed in Particle Illusion