Surround Piano 1

Exhibition Soundtrack

This is an environmental piece created for an art exhibition with procedural, generative, digital art. The original audio project can run and evolve for days or weeks without ever repeating. 

This is a 27 minute excerpt:

The original is endless, ever changing, self similar, fractal in nature and can be made to react to outside events... 

You can think of it as the acoustic "stage-design" for the gallery rooms. 

A 5.1 channel surround version in FLAC multi-channel format is available as bonus item at Bandcamp if you buy the piece. Encoding is 16Bit, 48khz with the channels arranged as: L, R, (C), LFE, LS, RS.

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"Surround Piano 1" on Bandcamp


Record Sleve designed in Lightwave 3D and FilterForge