It's all about the Flow...

Flowing, organic forms are what I love in sculpture, productdesign and graphics. Smooth surfaces accentuated by clear edges.

I always try to get to the central core, the essential idea and remove everything that isn't really needed.

On the other hand there is the fascination with guided complexity, where the "simplicity" or flow only emerges in the bigger view, like a field of grain in the wind.

Software wise I mainly use Rhino for CAD und subdivision surface modelling and Houdini for prozedural design und simulation.
Beside that a plethora of other tools and applications and two 3D printers for prototyping.


A sculptural loudspeaker design I hope to hear and touch one day...

Procedural structure in SideFX Houdini

A growth structure designed in Grasshopper, then further treated in Illustrator and Photoshop

A wonderfully reduced Design for a lamp in SDS-modelling

A topology study created in TopMod, then further treated and rendered in Softimage XSI

Stylised rendering of a Lobster in Black and White

The sound of distant thunder visualised in SideFX Houdini