Digital Nature

A soundscape

Close your eyes and let yourself be transferred to an alien realm, teeming with life...

Don't listen closely, listen widely. And not too loud, more like a meadow in summer, a forest in spring... :-)

I was always interested in the borders between artificial and natural.

Artificial things that seem natural, natural things that seem artificial and all that lies between.

I used artificial means to create this environment. All sound (but the woodpecker) is derived from the main flute line by digital means, forming a soundscape that to me feels very "natural" somehow, even though the sounds are not natural, but somehow could-be - almost...

This piece is one of my works that ultimately are meant to become sound installations in public spaces.

A 5.1 surround version in FLAC multi-channel format is available as bonus item at Bandcamp if you buy the piece. Encoding is 16Bit, 48khz with the channels arranged as: L, R, C, LFE, LS, RS.

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Record Sleeve designed in Grasshopper and Illustrator