Form, Flow, Material, Colour, Light...

...come together to form beauty.

My work in design is heavily influenced by nature - I perceive natural forms as the ultimate in beauty.

From cells and plants to animals to how the elements mould certain stones and cliffs to galactic spiral nebulas, I feel a deep connection to on one hand the sheer practicality, functionality and reason behind each of these designs while at the same time there also is room for the playful and the simply gorgeous.

Like a bird is perfectly designed for flight with good aerodynamics, being lightweight, keeping warm, being water-repellent, finely navigable etc. while at the same time it has the most beautiful form, structure, colours and patterns...

That's perfection for me and I can only strive to follow that lead. :-)

My tool of choice for this work became mainly SideFX Houdini. In it's combination of visual nodes and code it's able to do pretty much everything.

For the semi-organic development of form and manual modelling, the open-source application Blender has become my go-to solution, replacing my long time companion Softimage XSI.

And for working with NURBS for more product-design oriented projects "Moment of Inspiration" and Rhino are my choices.

For rendering the final images, I use mostly Redshift, but also Blenders internal renderer Cycles and I'm also looking into 3Delight, which happens to get nicely integrated into Houdini ATM.

Enjoy the Galleries!


A sculptural loudspeaker design I hope to hear and touch one day...

Procedural structure in SideFX Houdini

A growth structure designed in Grasshopper, then further treated in Illustrator and Photoshop

A wonderfully reduced Design for a lamp in SDS-modelling

A topology study created in TopMod, then further treated and rendered in Softimage XSI

Stylised rendering of a Lobster in Black and White

The sound of distant thunder visualised in SideFX Houdini